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Compiler Engineer (Rust)



Software Engineering
Posted on Thursday, April 15, 2021
Compiler Engineer (Rust) at Wasmer (S19)
0.25% - 0.50%
The Operating System for Edge Computing
Remote / Remote
6+ years
About Wasmer

At Wasmer we are working on the software that will power the next generation of Cloud Computing platforms using WebAssembly. Similarly to Node.js, we are moving WebAssembly to the server-side but completely emancipated from JavaScript.

Read more about us here: https://wasmer.io/posts Read more about our culture and values here: https://wasmer.io/values-and-culture

About the role
Skills: C, C++, Rust

#Role: Compiler Engineer #Type: Full-time #Location: Remote

About The Role

We are seeking a skilled compiler engineer with industrial-strength software engineering skills to help us enable WebAssembly on any infrastructure compiled from any programing language.

About Us

At Wasmer, we work on the software that will power the next generation of computing platforms for local, cloud, and edge applications using WebAssembly. Similar to how Node.js enabled server-side JavaScript, we enable server-side WebAssembly for all supported languages like C/C++, Java, Go, Rust, and many others.

Our mission is to make software universally available. We are committed to the open-source community and strive to contribute to developers and companies worldwide to help make Wasmer and WebAssembly a universal standard.

About You

You are a highly technical and accomplished computer scientist and want to work on the software that will power the next generation of Cloud and Edge Computing platforms using WebAssembly. We are very passionate about our work. We value teamwork and collaboration.

What You Will Do

  • Lead the design, strategy, and implementation for all Wasmer-supported compilers including LLVM, Singlepass, and Cranelift.
  • Implement WebAssembly proposals such as Exceptions or Garbage Collection
  • Work with our customers and the open-source community to help prioritize new features and remediate bugs and vulnerabilities.
  • Code developer toolchains and workflows to enable Wasmer compilers in local and in cloud-hosted environments.

What You Need

  • Proficiency in Rust or C, C++ development.
  • A deep understanding and demonstrated experience with compiler development.
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills.
  • Experience interacting with technical customers and customer engineering teams.
  • Availability to overlap four hours with CET working hours (10am - 6pm)
  • A positive and respectful attitude.
  • Bonus: demonstrated experience in implementing virtualization environments (Docker, QEMU, VMWare, ...)

Why Join Us?

You want to work for a start-up focused on solving real problems with an open-source community-first approach for building a business.


  • Competitive salary and stock options.
  • Generous vacation policy.
  • Flexible and or remote work policies
  • Health coverage.
  • Monthly fitness stipend.
  • Monthly stipend for open-source contributions.
  • Economic support for skills development, continuous learning, and attending conferences.

For our runtime our stack is based mainly on Rust, WebAssembly and LLVM. However, if you have experience with low-level systems languages (such as C, C++, Zig, ...) you will fit on the role perfectly.

Remote / Remote
6+ years