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Senior Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Berlin, Germany
Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Company Description

We are building the future of financing.

Right now, if they want money, SaaS founders have to pitch VCs (who typically haven't even worked for a startup - unless employee 5,000 @ Uber counts...) or try (and fail) to get money from banks. And the fundamental question is: why?

From Figma to Slack to Shopify, SaaS businesses are reimagining & remaking every aspect of business - so why are their fundraising cash management solutions stuck in the last century?

At Vitt, we're revolutionizing how SaaS founders raise capital & manage their cash flow. We'll let them grow & thrive by offering them upfront, non-dilutive financing against their own cashflows.

Our mission is simple: let the builders both own & grow their businesses.

What you can expect from us?

Background on us: Saket (CEO) was an early stage VC for 3 years (La Famiglia & Global Founders Capital) and previous to that an operator at Rocket Internet. Greg (CTO) has both a finance software and machine learning background, as an ex-Tech Lead at Commerzbank for their web apps and former co-founder of a DevOps ML startup. He’s scaled early technical teams before.

We both believe in empowering the people we work with. We want our people to thrive, taking as much leadership and responsibility as they can (the more, the merrier!). By sharing our knowledge, experience & network we want our team to shine.

No corporate BS, no micromanagement, no "bro culture".

We are driven by our mission but are building a healthy working culture (no one is at their best consistently burnt out and sleep-deprived….) that lets diverse talents blossom.

Job Description

Who's a perfect candidate?

We are looking for developers with a passion for building products and the ambition to become technical leaders.

As an early employee, you'll have to work on features in all parts of the cycle — from specification to deployment to production. This means that you will have the opportunity to work with databases, backend, frontend, DevOps, machine learning, and system architecture. It will be mostly up to you which of those will dominate your day-to-day schedule; it also means you should be comfortable with working in various contexts.


  • Proven track record of development of complex web products
  • Prior experience in a small startup is a huge plus
  • 5 years of experience of development with JS and related ecosystems (we're happy to use different languages later down the road, but the initial stack is heavily bound to JS)
  • Knowledge in building secure applications — OWASP 101
  • Excellent understanding of a major cloud provider (AWS/Google Cloud/Azure), CI/CD, containerisation
  • Good understanding of how building a business works — knowing where to make tradeoffs for speed, and where to aim for technical excellence to avoid costs in the future
  • Understanding of Machine Learning concepts is a plus
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language (German is a plus, but not a must)

Additional Information

Our tech stack

  • TypeScript
  • MongoDB
  • Next.js (React & functions)
  • GitHub & Vercel
  • Python (for Machine Learning)
  • AWS (we're aiming to move our infrastructure there at some point)

What you get in return

  • Competitive Salary
  • Meaningful ESOP
  • High impact on where we go
  • The best tools money can buy
  • We don't have an office yet, but we promise - once we get it, it'll be sweet (planned for the next month)
  • We're more than happy to make you a team lead once we grow