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Oslo, Norway
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Founders’ Associate to CEO & CRO

Start date
September 2023
Job Type
Temporary role
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We are looking for a founders’ associate with a passion for impact who wants to have a strong contribution to scaling a climate-tech start-up.
Start Date: September 2023
Location: Paris / Lyon / Berlin office, hybrid

🏔️ About us

Riverse is a mission-driven company, founded in 2021 by Clément, Grégoire and Ludovic, three long-time friends with complementary expertise and a common desire to accelerate the environmental transition. We are now a team of passionate people from international background!
Our aim is to drive as much financing as possible to low carbon solutions in Europe to accelerate the transition to a net zero society. We do so by giving industrial Greentech companies in Europe access to the voluntary carbon market and issue highly-verifiable industrial carbon credits.
We are backed by some of the best climate-tech investors in Europe and have been part of the Techstars Berlin acceleration programme.

🙌 General Preferred Background

You are a graduate student or equivalent, in a gap year or at the end of your studies
You have analytical skills and are a structured person
You are want to make an impact on the world
You are eager to learn, and like to think about solutions to the problems you face
You have a good command of written and spoken English. While knowing French is appreciated, it is not necessary.
Please do not worry if you don’t match all these: we prefer people to bullet points, and are interested in discussing with you if you think it is worth it!

📝 Job description

You will work hand in hand with our co-founders Ludovic and Grégoire to scale Riverse,
As an early-stage start-up, the day-to-day life changes at high speed and so do the tasks to be performed, but we have prepared below a list of examples of topics on which you could be asked to work on
Strategy, finance and investor relations
Perform market research and analyses to help founders fine tune Riverse’s strategy to scale
Develop our financial models to track the company’s runway and project growth
Prepare communication for the team and our investors regarding key business updates
Business development
Work on customer acquisition from A to Z, from sourcing potential customers to leading the entire sales process until signature.
Participate in Greentech events to convert potential customers.
Continuously improve sales material to improve sales process efficiency.
Brand and marketing
Define and implement Riverse’s overall marketing and branding strategy
Plan and curate social media content for the company on various platforms such as LinkedIn and blog posts.
Develop the brand's SEO footprint.
Internal operations
Track and communicate internally on the objectives and key results (OKRs) of the company
Identify gaps or needs in the different teams’ processes (climate, tech, sales, marketing) and define solutions to answer those
Finally, regardless of your role, we are always open to any ideas that you would like to suggest for learning and improving the company.

🏠 Benefits

Paid position (1300€ to 2000€ / month depending on your experience)
Full remote possible, offices in the center of Paris or Lyon (Fra), soon in Berlin (Ger)
Bi-annual team retreat

🧭 Recruitment process

💻 First 30 min video-conversation with Ludovic, to get to know you, introduce yourself and discuss what you are looking for
📐 Business case preparation at home (≈60 min), and debriefing during a call with Grégoire (45 min)
📆 A 30 min conversation with Clément

🌠 Diversity, inclusion & equity

We are working to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment, where everyone has a space to thrive. We firmly believe that fostering inclusion is an ongoing journey that requires unwavering commitment. Our goal is to establish an authentic environment that is welcoming to all individuals, irrespective of their nationality, physical ability, family structure, age, socio-economic status, civil status, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic origin, religion, belief, or any other characteristic that makes their life experience unique.
We are at the beginning of building our company and our culture, and are extremely interested to talk about these topics if you are interested too!

📝 What’s next?

Does this role appeal to you? You think you have the right profile? Contact us at: jobs@riverse.io