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Posted on Monday, March 20, 2023

👷‍♂️🔨 Biz Dev Opportunities @ OpenQ 🖋👷‍♀️

About Us

We generally recommend that anyone who wants to apply for OpenQ reads all our articles on medium to understand our mentality. Start here and grab a coffee on a nice rainy Sunday. It will be exciting: https://medium.com/openqdev/introducing-openq-on-polygon-1b096f74e949

TL;DR OpenQ is a permissionless, GitHub-integrated, on-chain work platform tailored for software development feature bounties.

With OpenQ, ANYONE can mint and fund a bounty for ANY OPEN SOURCE ORGANIZATION from a GitHub Issue in seconds at https://app.openq.dev.

Contributors can then automagically claim their funds after a maintainer reviews and merges a pull request that completes the issue.

Some Unique Notes

🌎 Location

We’re a remote company that meets up IRL multiple times a year to hack/work together.
Our co-founders Andrew and Rick live in Austin, TX and Berlin, Germany. If you're in the area, you're sure to see them in a co-working space often.

The Irony of Bootstrapping a Self-Hosted Compiler for Web 3 Work

It may seem funny that a Web 3 organization founded on alternative funding models would be hiring people fulltime.

Eventually we intend to manage our entire payroll - from feature+bug bounties, streaming salaries to core developers, provision of invoices - on OpenQ itself. You will contribute to the process. We are going to eventually build the accounting, governance and project management tools to make that possible, little by little.

So yes we will hire people full time and not just build OpenQ by using OpenQ (of course that will be a substantial part at a certain stage of our journey). And we will probably always have a core team that will generally maintain the platform.

Why No Hierarchy?

At OpenQ we don't really distinguish between Senior, Mid-Level, Jedi, Level 6, Type 1A3B-Mid or whatever other categories exist to determine pay-levels at most tech companies and governments.

We don't eschew hierarchical titles to be cool and alternative for it's own sake. It's just more efficient, and we all know these designations are often assigned arbitrarily and politicized to silence more junior voices, often to the detriment of the product.

Quality of work can come from any person, with any number of years of experience, and even any skill level.

And what we put out at OpenQ is just that - quality of work. Everything else are empty words for us, and those are cheap.

If you want to say Senior Biz Dev or Chancellor Biz Dev, go for it! 😉. The least you should have is a reference to your work to defend your reputation ;) OpenQ wants to level the path of an open organization and aims to become a DAO itself. This means that most of the work you will do here will be visible to our community.

This way will be especially exciting for newcomers who would like to experience the entire development process of a DAO. Be it of a legal nature or organizational. You will find a lifelong place here, even if only as a Snapshot voter ;)

So with OpenQ's HR modus operandi elucidated, let's dig in to how you can put your skills to good use building the future of online collaboration.

Note: All fulltime positions with OpenQ include generous salary, Employee Stock Ownership Plan, and a full benefits package.

The Interview Process

We are 100% transparent at all steps in the interview process.

Step 1: Apply

Fill out this 5 minute form with your LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. https://itzldldbwlt.typeform.com/to/grWGLer8

Step 2: 30 Minute Video Interview

This convo is to talk shop about your experience and to answer any questions you have about OpenQ and the team.

Step 3: Complete a Paid Bounty with OpenQ

Because OpenQ is itself a contributor-to-core-dev pipeline of sorts, from bounty hunter to trusted inner circle, Step 3 involves completing a paid bounty in your area of expertise -

Since we are currently a developer centric platform but you are applying for a position outside the code universe, this will be less to prove your code skills (also happy to give you a quick challenge if you still want to prove what your able to code ;) thats a huge plus point) and more to familiarize yourself with the process behind OpenQ. The task will be secondary in that respect.

Biz Dev Opportunties

Who We're Looking For

In you as a person

  • A curiosity-driven pragmatist who finds their answers in experimentation rather than speculation

  • A humble soul who won't hesitate to DM questions to other team members and ask the community for help

  • You continuously learn and challenge the status quo.

Must Haves

✅ Pragmatism and willingness to take your success into your own hands

✅ Demonstrated performance orientation and success in a team-oriented environment

✅ Excellent organizational skills and a high level of perseverance and diligence

✅ Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills

✅ A Master's degree in Ecomony or Business Administ... haha just kidding

✅ General understanding of blockchain technology. You should know how to use a Metamask wallet and how to stake money on a DeFi protocol

Nice to Haves

AKA The things it would be cool for you to already know, but if not, we'll teach you!

👌 Familiarity with open source and working with decentralized teams of contributors

👌 Basic understanding of how DAOs operate and distribute funds via grants/proposals

You will

  • Plan & execute the business strategy to onboard DAOs and developers
  • Contribute to the basic concept of our DAO and governance structure. We have some very unique features planned that will likely be reused by many other DAOs in the future. Brainstorming & execution is key.
  • Perform detailed, data-focused research on various markets in order to decide for the next best market to enter
  • Reach out to decision makers in such new markets and other key contacts from the industry that are needed to roll-out the expansion
  • Write DAO proposals
  • Network and acquire new business relationships within our broad network of experienced founders and investors and work together closely with them
  • Travel around the world and get to know and exchange ideas with various crypto and open source projects.

--> Working at OpenQ will provide you with an excellent network for your future and if you are still inexperienced we will of course train you to get there.


Yup, That's Me! DM rickk#1128 on Discord.