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🌀Product Engineer (#3 & #4)



San Francisco, CA, USA · Paris, France
Posted on Friday, January 19, 2024

Product Engineer (#3 & #4)

🌏 Remote (CET +/-1h)
$80k - $130k+ (or local rates if they're more) & meaningful equity*

The product

June is product analytics for B2B SaaS companies. We integrate via Segment or our SDK and automatically generate graphs of the metrics companies should track.
Analytics products are normally technical and intimidating, we're building an experience that is simple and approachable.
If you want to give the product a try you can sign up from here and see our demo account
This is a glimpse into how we build product, and here are our engineering principles. We move fast and take initiative. So will you.

This role

We're a small team of six, so there's a bit of everything to do. One day you might be tweaking our slowest queries, the next you could be writing an integration with a data warehouse. You might spend a day upgrading our app to the latest Rails version and the next building some automated email reports.
We hope that you’ll have a skill set that complements our own - you’ll know more about some things than we do, and we might be more experienced in areas you’re unfamiliar with.
You might go deep into some areas of our stack and become the in house expert. Always with an eye towards the bigger picture and helping where help is needed.
CS degree? Bootcamp? Taught yourself? Whatever.
We care about what you can do now, and how quickly you can learn. It doesn’t matter how you got here. Our technical and product challenges are constantly shifting and changing, and the only way to keep up is to learn fast. This holds true even if you consider yourself an expert already.
Most of all, if you’re excited by the challenge, then COUNT YOURSELF IN!

About you

We're looking for people that are genuinely friendly, ambitious, and nerdy
Nerdy - You cultivate your taste and curiosity. You’re honest with yourself about what you find interesting. It’s a fundamentally nerdy thing to decide to sit down and spend years of your life exploring your interests. Doing it for you is a joy in itself, and it’s also a great gift that you can give to others.
Friendly - You give sincere compliments, are a warm host, and enjoy artful conversations. You try to be a cherished asset of any space you inhabit. We strive to be optimistic, supportive, and encouraging. We always assume good intentions!
Ambitious - You want to do more, be more, see more, learn more, know more. You realize your own imagination is the bottleneck for the great things you can achieve!

About us

You'll join Ferruccio 🇮🇹, Vinayak 🇮🇳 , Enzo 🇫🇷 , Adis 🇮🇪, Dan 🇪🇸 and Alberto 🇮🇹
We're backed by some of the best investors in the world like Y Combinator and Point Nine
You will grow fast and work at scale - we process millions of data points per day
You can get meaningful equity
You'll ship new features weekly

What's next?

Send an email to work@june.so with your Github or some projects of yours that you're proud of.
Optionally, include 2-3 sentences on the work you're most proud of, 2-3 things you're learning or want to learn, and an obscure website you enjoy reading!

What's our stack?

The main app is built with Ruby on Rails and React
We use Postgres and ClickHouse as databases
We are fully hosted on AWS and use most of their services (EKS, RDS, Lambda, etc.)
While previous experience with these technologies is a plus, we’re looking for someone with broad experience
We don't do staging and deploy features to production multiple times a day, so everything you'll ship will have to have tests or live behind a feature flag
If you’re only interested in using <insert-framework-here>, this role probably isn’t a good fit for you.
* NB: This a rough guideline for what compensation we expect for this role and will depend on seniority, your desired split between cash and equity, and local rates.

🎁 Referral bonus

If you think someone would be a great fit, please send them our way. We offer a $5k referral bonus if the person gets recruited and stay 6 months.