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Platform Engineer



Software Engineering
Madrid, Spain
Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2023
Tech (Global) · Madrid · Fully Remote

Platform Engineer

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About Us & Our Culture

We, employees, need a much more engaging solution around our compensation, and that’s why Cobee was born. Since we created Cobee back in November 2018, our vision has been unwavering: to become the most desirable solution for employees to get compensated at work. As we fight for that vision, we truly believe that we can improve the overall well-being of employees at the same time that we make them feel more engaged with their companies.

We began with a single benefit, and today we offer a diverse range of benefits in three countries, with a team of more than 140 talented people across the globe. We have raised more than €55 Million in venture capital funding backed by world-class investors, including a recent €40 Million Series B investment. While much has changed since our humble beginnings, we stay true to what we believe and to our culture:

  • Humble Excellence: We are a team committed to excellence and delivering top-notch results. We make informed decisions and collaborate to succeed, while also approaching our endeavors with low ego and open-mindedness. We support our teammates and give them the opportunity to shine.
  • Team Innovation: We are trailblazers, disrupting the status quo and creating something new. We embrace risk and challenge ourselves to think creatively, fostering teamwork and diversity to fuel our ideas. Everyone is encouraged to contribute and have a say in decision-making.
  • Lean Ownership: Lean Ownership means owning our actions and outcomes, proactively seeking ways to improve the company for the long haul. We prioritize and simplify to move quickly and work with full autonomy to be agile.

    About The Role

    Cobee is on a scaling mission going through high growth. After scaling from 40 to +150 people in less than 1 year and launching new markets across the globe, the Platform team at Cobee needs to protect, provide, and progress the software and systems behind all of Cobee services accordingly.

    We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Platform Engineer to join our team. As a Platform Engineer at Cobee, you will play a crucial role in designing, implementing, and maintaining our technical infrastructure to ensure the scalability, reliability, and performance of our platform. You will work closely with cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions and improve our systems.

    Main challenges

    1. Infrastructure Design and Implementation:

    • Design, build, and maintain the core infrastructure components of our platform.
    • Implement best practices for scalability, high availability, and security.

      2. Automation and Orchestration:

      • Develop and maintain automated processes for deployment, scaling, and monitoring.
      • Implement continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.

      3. Containerisation and Orchestration:

      • Manage containerised applications using technologies such as Docker and
      • Implement container orchestration for scalable and fault-tolerant services.

      4. Monitoring and Troubleshooting:

      • Set up monitoring and alerting systems to ensure the health of our platform.
      • Investigate and resolve incidents, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum

      5. Data Platform Management and Support:

      • Automate Data Platform maintenance.
      • Operate Data Platform pipelines.

      6. Security and Compliance:

      • Implement DevSecOps best practices to protect our applications, cloud
        infrastructure, and data.
      • Ensure compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations.

      7. Collaboration and Documentation:

      • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth operations.
      • Maintain clear and up-to-date documentation for infrastructure and processes.

      You are

      • an effective communicator who can convey technical information clearly and
        concisely to diverse audiences.
      • a collaborative team player and work well in cross-functional teams, promoting
        cooperation and knowledge sharing.
      • able to quickly adapt to new technologies, tools, and changing project requirements.
      • problem solver and excel at analysing complex issues, identifying root causes, and
        implementing effective solutions, based on data.
      • are able to evaluate information thoughtfully and make informed decisions for
        platform management, demonstrating critical thinking skills.
      • empathetic and understand and consider the perspectives and needs of colleagues and end-users.
      • Time-Effective allocating your tasks and prioritising them accordingly.
      • able to lead by example, improve and motivate your peers.
      • passionate about what you do and embrace diversity and humbleness.

          You have

          • strong knowledge of infrastructure as code (IaC) principles and tools (e.g. Terraform).
          • proficiency in Docker for containerisation, Kubernetes for container orchestratio and helm for application management.
          • cloud platform expertise in one or more cloud platforms, such as AWS or GCP.
          • expert understanding of Linux systems and services and scripting languages such as Python or BASH.
          • experience with CI/CD tools for automating software delivery pipelines (GitLab CI preferred).
          • expertise in implementing security best practices, managing access controls, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.
          • knowledge of various databases (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB) and skills in database administration and optimisation.experience in data backup and recovery solutions and data storage strategies.
          • understanding of data engineering practices, like carrying data in a streaming or batch fashion, data pipelines automation, data quality validation and monitoring (using Airflow, Kafka, Dagster, Datadog, DBT... or any technology of the never-ending data stack!).
          • understanding of data warehousing solutions like ClickHouse, Redshift or Snowflake (or any other!).
          • knowledge of strategies and tools for disaster recovery planning and business continuity.
          • You can speak fluently Spanish and English

          Why should you join Cobee?

          • Excellence - We are driven by building great and impactful solutions to change the employee benefits industry in the long run. In everything we do, we go for the excellence approach.
          • Sustainable growth - We always keep a bootstrap mindset while we keep growing! We do this in a very sustainable way and with a lot of substance: growth and profitability are not a contradiction, and we love to find the right balance.
          • Non-hierarchical innovators - We listen to everyone. No matter their position. We try to ensure that the people who implement are part of the decision-making.
          • Flexible Benefits - Paid flexible benefits (meals, transportation, nurseries) with paid health insurance and a specific budget to spend in an annual budget for training.

            We are willing to meet you! Cobee embraces diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and skills.

            Tech (Global)
            Platform Engineer
            Remote status
            Fully Remote
            Contact Alicia Gómez Talent Acquisition & PBP Global – People (Global)

            About us

            At Cobee, we believe that compensation is people's most important financial relationship, and our vision is to become the most desirable solution for employees to get compensated at work, making them financially healthier and more engaged with their companies. To achieve it, we are radically changing the complex world of employee benefits and flexible remuneration with our product, making it simpler, easier and automating our companies' admin tasks.

            Welcome to Cobee: One of the hottest fintech based in Madrid and Mexico City - and recently named one of the future unicorns in Spain-. From our foundation as a startup in 2019, Cobee has grown backed by world-class investors from some of the tech's fast-growing companies in Europe.

            About Cobee

            Founded in November 2018
            Co-workers +170
            Tech (Global) · Madrid · Fully Remote

            Platform Engineer

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