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Berlin, Germany
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Senior Backend / Full-stack Engineer (f/m/d)

Kwest is a small team of experienced peers that care deeply about building great software with big impact. We’ve come together to build a next generation software platform that enables its users to install clean energy infrastructure significantly faster.

Why Kwest

To tackle climate change, an enormous amount of decentralized clean energy infrastructure needs to be installed: from rooftop solar panels to storage solutions and better building insulation
As specialized teams are shaping up to execute these tasks, these teams need specialized software to do their work and collaborate with each other
Our mission is to enable these teams to do their best work through a software platform on which they can collaborate, manage their data, and automate repetitive tasks

Engineering at Kwest

We are a product-oriented company in a field where great, intuitive software matters. All of us have worked on software products before, and we know that great development is only possible if engineers are integrated into the process early and are part of decision making, not just delivery.
We believe in close collaboration. That’s why we’re looking for the right first joiners to build not only a powerful product, but also shape an engineering culture we all love to be a part of.
To move fast, we stick to what works and keep things simple. We work with proven technologies incl. Python, Django, GraphQL, TypeScript, React, PostgreSQL, CircleCI, GitHub, AWS.

What you bring to the team

Experienced senior software engineer, with a passion for clean code and great software design
You made key software contributions in software startups before and know what it takes to truly take ownership for you work
Love to code - although you likely had tech leadership responsibility in the past, you want to build great software in a no-noise environment where you can focus on doing your best work. As we slowly grow the team, you lead the way for the engineers joining in the future
Experience in Python (preferably Django), AWS. Ideally, you’ve also worked with some of these in the past: no-SQL databases like MongoDB, TypeScript, GQL, React

What to expect in the next months

We have an early-stage, live product and work in rapid iterations to test our ideas with our (potential) customers
We work super closely with our users and have several customer demos a week to collect feedback. So we can build with confidence and make smart bets
We put high emphasis on clean software design. With increasing usage, this is important to ensure good performance and allow us to keep shipping new features at high speed

Your areas of ownership

Contribute to shaping our backend - develop features, ensure great software design and high velocity. Our no-code flow builder requires an increasingly sophisticated system to cater flow configuration, execution, and flexible data management. Making all of this collaboration friendly and performant is a challenging task.
Contribute to the frontend development as much as you wish to. Ideally, own features e2e.
Work closely with your 3 fellow senior ICs that focus on other respective areas of the stack
Contribute not only to the code base, but also to our engineering discussions about improvements both to the system and to our ways of working
Identify feasible technical solutions for complex problems such as scalable dynamic data schemas for our customers.
Work closely with product & design, being pragmatic about finding good solutions and moving fast, but also providing input on how to further improve the user experience. We work closely with our users and encourage you to be part of the conversation.
Build modular, write cleanly, take & document decisions with reflection, create the foundation for a larger dev team.
Help build and grow the engineering team

Who you will work with

We’re a team with unique insights into our industry, developing best-in-class software products, and scaling companies from 0 to 1. Besides the founders (see below), we’re a small squad of senior engineers (Chidi, Sabino, David) and a product designer (Helen).
Robin Dechant — People, Sales (LinkedIn)
Worked closely together with many early-stage startups such as Loom from 0 to 1
Extensive network within tech-companies and manufacturing corporates
Has built communities in the past and taught online courses for professionals eg. at Columbia Business School
Marco Holst — Product, Marketing (LinkedIn)
Experienced the problem first-hand while hiring for his team
Has lead multiple product teams to build data-driven software
Has brought new product to the market before and made customers happy
Constantin Ehrensberger — Engineering (LinkedIn)
Automated the payroll product as early engineer in Israeli-German fintech Zeitgold (acq. by Deel)
Experienced at end-to-end development of B2B SaaS software
Track record of effective collaboration between engineering & commercial functions based on interdisciplinary background